The Stuttgart Police Department was challenged to the Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle. Taking it a level higher and collaborating the challenge with SDL #Stuttgartproud campaign, which is visual storytelling of who and what makes you proud of Stuttgart, full participation from the community made this video possible. In collaboration with videographer Supi Boonaphai and under the direction of Eplunus Brooks Colvin and Supi Boonaphai, the Stuttgart Daily Leader presents to you, “Can’t Touch This”.

As part of the Stuttgart Daily Leader’s #STUTTGARTPROUD campaign, which is visual storytelling through photos and videos of the positivity in Stuttgart and the people in the community who represent the greatness, the Stuttgart Police Department was challenged to the law enforcement lip sync contest that has been sweeping the state of Arkansas by storm.

The Stuttgart Police Department, Stuttgart Fire Department and Southern Paramedic Emergency response team all came out for some dancing and engagement with the community. “This is what you call community policing,” said one of the participants.

SDL production crew was also out in the community Tuesday making stops at Area Agency On Aging Senior Citizen Center, PCCUA-Stuttgart and the Grand Prairie Center to name a few. Dance moves, such as “the twist” and “the mashed potato”, were showcased by the senior citizens while the younger generation showed off the newest dance moves.

The song selected with the most votes by the community was M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” The music video was directed by Supi Boonaphai and Eplunus Colvin. “The lip sync challenge is being done around law enforcement departments across the U.S.,” said Colvin. “The Daily Leader wanted to take it a level higher and incorporate the community to show the unity.”

“What an inspiring community goal to show the love and respect between us the community and them the guardians,” said Virginia Wilson Nedoroscik.

“I can’t wait to see the video,” said Cindy Thompson. “Way to represent Stuttgart and Arkansas County.”