By Ray King

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show with Greg Horne and Will Jenkins Tuesday morning, Dr. Steven Bloomberg, the President of Southeast Arkansas College was asked about the homicides in Pine Bluff and specifically about the fact that there had been six of them in a 10-day period.

He said he some of the blame could be placed on isolation which is happening across the country, and said law enforcement officials he has talked to also mentioned an increase In domestic violence.

“While there may be other types of crimes that are decreasing, it seems like domestic violence and crimes against partners are increasing across the country and so you wonder if there’s not something to the isolation,” Bloomberg said. “Everyone so fully wants getting back in business as close as possible to normal is important but again I think as a community you have to look at what’s causing this. You have to realize too that we have to protect the children, the younger generation.”

“We’ve got to give them hope for a better future, a brighter future,” he said. “Give them role models to look at that project in a positive image, and a positive attitude for those children.”