The Star City School District is down 61 students from May of this year, according to Superintendent Jordan Frizzell.

According to the Lincoln Ledger newspaper, district enrollment was up by 14 students compared to last month and he attributed some of that increase to students who were homeschooled and reenrolled in the district.

At a meeting of the Star City School Board, Frizzell said that declining enrollment will cost the district thousands of dollars in funding and there is a possibility of workforce reduction.

Assistant Superintendent Gina Richards reported that the district had been awarded 111 T-Mobile Wifi Hotspots through the project 10 Million Grant. They will be distributed to students on free or reduced lunch and they will be good for five years.

Also at the meeting, Frizzell showed board members a mock up of the new press box at Bulldog Stadium, and said the new facility is expected to cost $250,000, which will also include some bleacher work to help hold the structure, which will be about 10 feet longer and two feet wider that the current press box. The current press box Is 25 years old and Frizzell said although some remodeling has been done, there have been issues and the press box needs to be replaced.

The newspaper quoted Frizzell as saying the district is in good shape financially to handle the replacement of the press box.