The City Council of Star City recently discussed a residential stock law which would ban certain types of animals in the city limits.

According to the Lincoln Ledger newspaper, members of the council recommended that hogs, including pot bellied pigs, goats and sheep be prohibited while owners of chickens would require a half-acre for four chickens and the animals must be kept in coops or pens. No free- range chickens would be allowed and a distance requirement between properties.

Also prohibited would be turkeys, geese, ducks and guineas, and no more than five rabbits would be allowed.

Another recommendation would be that owners of horses and cows have at least 10 acres or property.

An exception would be made for the Star City School District Agri Department.

The newspaper said anyone with concerns, ideas or information is asked to call City Hall at 628-4166 as soon as possible.

Also at the meeting Oct. 12, the council voted to join the application process for improved broadband connectivity through the Arkansas Rural Connect Grant. The application will be made by Swift Connect, a fiber internet provider.