The documentary series Surviving R. Kelly has followed over two decades of sexual abuse allegations against the singer. One of the most powerful interviews was with Sparkle, a former artist of Kelly who is best known for the 1998 single “Be Careful.” Now Sparkle has now released a new single, which is anthem for survivors.

In Surviving R. Kelly, Sparkle revealed that she introduced her teenage niece to Kelly — who is allegedly the 14-year-old who appears in a sex tape video with him. Sparkle alleges Kelly offered her money to stay quiet, which she refused and resulted in the singer losing her music career.  

Sparkle released her new song with lyrics that say, “Said that we were weak long enough, but time is up/ We ain’t weak/ We have a voice and its loud, no we ain’t just figure it out.” The track is written by Sparkle and produced by Jesse Francois, and you an hear it in the link below:

Sparkle Declares War With “We Are Ready,” Shares Single On ‘Surviving R. Kelly’