A famous superfan got his wish: It was officially announced Thursday that The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining Amazon’s hit The Boys for its fourth season.

The show’s official Twitter feed dropped big news Thursday, noting, “Chuffed to welcome @JDMorgan to The Boys S4. Can’t confirm if he’s gettin’ any tights, though.”


The reference was to a meme photo of JDM talking about going on the show at some point, the caption quoting him saying, “Get me some tights. I’m ready for some tights.”

For his part, Morgan tweeted he’s “SO DAMN STOKED!” to come aboard, and thanked both Amazon Studios and AMC for working around his schedule for The Walking Dead spin-off, Isle of the Dead.

Morgan has been trying to make this happen since 2020, reaching out on Twitter to Eric Kripke, the executive producer of both The Boys and of Supernatural, the long-running CW series in which Morgan starred as the dad to Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles‘ characters.


Morgan noted then he’d join The Boys “in a heartbeat!”

Fast-forward two years and Ackles made his unforgettable entrance into The Boys universe in this past third season, playing Soldier Boy, a boozing, womanizing, super-powerful supe who is essentially Captain America’s flip side.

Earlier this year, he and Kripke plotted to Variety how they’d love to reunite all of Supernatural’s Winchester clan on the Emmy-nominated show.


Also weighing in on the news was Karl Urban, The Boys’ Billy Butcher, who noted of JDM’s participation in season 4: “Mind blown. Can not wait.”

Morgan replied, “Man!! I can’t wait!! We gonna PLAY!!”

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