This week, Snoop Dogg was officially awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Snoop shared his gratitude over the award, giving thanks to his friends and family for their endless support. Jimmy Kimmel, Quincy Jones and Dr. Dre were in attendance for Snoop’s special moment. In the latter part of his acceptance speech, Snoop made time to thank himself, as he looked back on his journey to success. “I want to thank me for believing in me,” he said. “I want to thank me for doing all this hard work. I want to thank me for having no days off. I want to thank me for never quitting. I want to thank me for always being a giver, and trying to give more than I receive. I want to thank me for trying to do more right than wrong. I want to thank me for just being me at all times.” 
Snoop’s star marks the 2,651st star on the famed walk. He will also be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut album Doggystyle on Friday, November 23rd. You can check out his full acceptance speech below.

Snoop Dogg gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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