On Wednesday, Paramount+ debuts The Family Stallone, a new reality show starring Sylvester, wife Jennifer and their adult daughters Scarlett, Sophia and Sistine.

ABC Audio caught up with the famous clan and asked if they had to twist Sly’s arm to get him to play the real-life family man on TV.


“At first, you were a little hesitant,” Jennifer said to the action icon.

“I was a little hesitant because it’s uncharted waters,” Sly responded. “I’m used to doing films, you go, ‘Is this a step down?’ I go, ‘No, actually, this is the future in a way.’ So let me try to do it while the girls are still here and they don’t have boyfriends, that kind of thing,” the protective dad says, miming slitting his own throat.

In the series, Sly’s famous friends also pop up, including somebody nobody would have expected to see on a reality show: Oscar winner Al Pacino.


“I totally tricked him,” Sly admitted to laughs. “First of all, I just go, ‘Hey, Al, how about we share a piece of pizza together this afternoon?’ And I didn’t expect him to go, ‘OK.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll meet you at Mulberry Street Pizza."”

Stallone continues, “He shows up. We’re sitting down, having a piece of pizza. My brother [Frank], Dolph Lundgren. It’s kind of an odd setup. And sure enough, the cameras come in from the curb everywhere, he goes, ‘What is this? What is — what, am I being ganged up on?!’ And it was classic Pacino,” Sly laughs imitating the star, “I’m getting out of here!”

Stallone says, “It was just great. And then he loved it. Fantastic.”


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