Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash says that he has recorded some “guitar stuff” and has been making new music with bandmates Axl Rose and Duff McKagan while under quarantine lockdown.

Slash shared the news during an interview; when asked if he has been able to work on any music projects during the lockdown and he responded, “I’ve been pretty much a homebody, but I’ve been back and forth between my studio in the house and doing a lot of writing and recording on my own. I’ve been jamming with Duff and I’ve been jamming with Axl, and I’ve been doing stuff like that, so we’ve been getting some work done that way. But I haven’t been doing much else. I haven’t been doing any collaborations with the odd artists and whatnot. Basically just focusing on writing new music and recording demos and recording guitar stuff for Guns and whatnot.” 

Watch the interview at the link: here.

Slash gives update on new Guns N’ Roses material


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