Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash confirmed that the band has made plans to start work on a new album later this year. Several band members, including Slash, previously hinted that the idea had been discussed, with the expectation that they would record new music after they completed their touring duties in the fall.

Slash said: “The thing is, we hadn’t really done anything yet, and I don’t like to say anything. You know how people promote shit and lie through their teeth? So I just wanted to be honest, and there was no telling what we were going to do at that point. But at this point, I do know we are going to do this one, and we’ve already started working on stuff. There you go.”

“When we finish the tour in the fall,” he concluded, “then we will commence working on [what] will end up being the next Guns record.”

Slash Confirms Details Of The New Guns N’ Roses Album


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