Deltaplex News has obtained a copy of a letter sent to Sheridan School District faculty members Tuesday morning following the suspension of Superintended Jerrod Williams at Monday night’s school board meeting that states an immediate search for a new superintendent will take place.

The letter sent to faculty members from Sheridan Schools Director of Communications Andy Mayberry says:

The Sheridan School Board, in action taken during Monday night’s regular monthly board meeting, voted to suspend the district superintendent’s contract with pay pending further action. The board subsequently appointed Assistant Superintendent Lincoln Daniels as interim superintendent. The board will start the search for a new superintendent immediately.


The Sheridan School Board unanimously voted to suspend Superintendent Jerrod Williams with pay until further action can potentially be taken by the board.

Williams has been surrounded in controversy with several situations within the district to include attempting to expel students who were accused by another student of taking drugs on an athletics trip despite having no proof anything actually happened on the trip. Parents of the students appealed the expulsions and had them successfully overturned by the Sheridan School Board just last year.

Additional controversy has surrounded Williams regarding faculty being reported for allegedly sending students inappropriate sexually based text messages, and/or making inappropriate sexual comments to students at school without any serious action being taken against them.

In 2020 Sheridan teacher David Brent Miller was arrested on charges of Computer Child Pornography and Pandering or Possessing Visual or Print Medium Depicting Sexually Explicit Conduct Involving a Child. Numerous sources to include teachers in the Sheridan District have reported that they reported Miller multiple times for inappropriate actions with students with no action being taken against him.

While the reason for Williams’ suspension have not been shared it is believed by many that these situations have played a major part in the Board’s decision due to activists within the Sheridan community constantly putting pressure on the Board to take action to remove him as Superintendent.

This is a developing story. More information will be added as it becomes available.