The City of Sheridan is adding traffic cameras and according to Police Chief Jason Teague, the cameras may help to identify suspects in breaking or entering incident involving vehicles.

Teague told the Sheridan Headlight newspaper that the cameras can also help to identify vehicles that have been reported stolen.

He said the cameras take a picture of everything that passes, and software records the license plate of the vehicle.

If it’s been reported stolen, Teague said police will get an alert within 10 to 15 seconds that a stolen vehicle has passed by.

He said currently there are more than 100 cameras across the state but the cameras at Sheridan have not been installed yet.

He told the newspaper that the cost of the license plate reader cameras has gone down, making it possible for cities like Sheridan to afford them, adding that cameras are already in place in cities like Pine Bluff, Little Rock, White Hall, Redfield and Cabot.

Teague said hopefully, the cameras will be installed within the next month or so. Sheridan is receiving 10 and Grant County 6 more