According to a news release Friday, October 15th, the Arkansas Senate Republican Caucus responded to the new Congressional maps stating, “The Senate Republican caucus fully rejects any notion that the congressional map passed by the legislature is out of line with Supreme Court precedent. If Governor Hutchinson had sincere concerns, he could have raised them at any point during the process. This map is lawful and the courts will uphold it.

For 140 years, Democrats have been in complete control of the redistricting process. During that time, they have continued to gerrymander maps and split multiple counties in an attempt to secure political power. Now they choose to cry foul over a map that splits fewer counties than maps they have drawn.

Unlike the Democrats, we do not depend on the redistricting process to win elections. We will continue to earn the trust and confidence of Arkansans by ensuring that our platform reflects their beliefs and values. That is why Republicans have continually won in districts drawn by democrats.”