Two new clips from Selena Gomez‘s forthcoming tell-all documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, have been shared, providing fans a sneak peek into the tone and nature of the film. 

In a brief teaser shared on Apple TV+’s YouTube — titled “Do You Know Who This Is?” — Selena runs into one of her old school friends, who is now a mom of three.

The woman asks her eldest daughter if she knows who they’re speaking with, which causes the young girl to scream and run around in excitement once she recognizes Selena. The woman tells Selena how happy she is to see her healthy, adding it was “real scary” watching the singer struggle with her mental health.

Vanity Fair posted another exclusive clip, which documents Selena coming to terms with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

“I didn’t know how to cope with my diagnosis,” the TikTok clip begins, showing Selena getting out of bed and opening the window blinds. She speaks about coming out of one of her episodes and fearing it would happen again.

“What if I don’t come back,” she wonders, before explaining that she came to terms with the disorder by reading about it. She describes how she used to be fearful of thunderstorms as a child because she believed they brought tornadoes, but her mother urged her to read about weather to understand thunder and lightning.

She recalls her mother telling her, “The more you learn about it, the less afraid you’re going to be afraid of it.”

Fans will be able to stream the complete documentary next Friday, November 4, on Apple TV+.

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