US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the United States has to take a different path with regard to China, as the previous policy of helping them open up their economy with the believe that this would lead to more political freedom has not worked, 

“The theory of the case that was more economic opening will lead to more political freedoms, more fundamental rights being provided to the Chinese people, just turned out not to have been true. It just didn’t work. I’m not criticizing those who came before; we can now plainly see that it didn’t work, and that means the United States has to take a different path,” said Pompeo. The National Security Law, he said, has taken away the freedom of the people of Hong Kong. “You want the Chinese people to be successful and you want them to live good lives and you want the United States to have a relationship, but we know what communist regimes do, we know the way authoritarian regimes treat their people all too often, and that’s what we’re seeing in China today,” he added.


Previous policy against China did not work, US has to take a different path: Mike Pompeo


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