Steven Bloomberg, President of Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK), spoke with Deltaplex on Tuesday, July 13 about the new building projects the college is adding to its campus. Jefferson County’s Quorum Court on Monday approved $3 million from the American Recovery Plan for the special project construction fund for SEARK.

Bloomberg said the funds will go towards a 3,000 square foot student center as well as safe and affordable housing in a four-story apartment building with 300 dorm-style rooms. After mentioning certain restrictions with the monies to be received from the recovery fund, Bloomberg also discussed a partnership with the county to help respond to possible natural disasters.

Bloomberg mentioned both projects total over $40 million, but a new solar array will power the SEARK campus and help save the college money.

SEARK has currently raised $10 million for these projects. Bloomberg described how public partnerships will help bring in the funding needed to accomplish their goals.