Sean “Diddy” Combs” and MTV announced that the reality series Making The Band will be returning in 2020.

Diddy made the announcement via Instagram: “I know that I’m going to build the biggest bands in the world,” said Diddy while reminiscing about the fun times he had with the show that launched acts including Danity Kane, Day26, Da Band and Donnie Klang. Diddy said this time the show will be doing a global talent search, adding: “I’ve made my decision… #MakingTheBand is coming back!!! This will be a global talent search, upload your auditions now using #MTBcasting!!”

Nina L. Diaz, MTV’s President of Entertainment, said in a press statement: “We couldn’t be happier to welcome back the incomparable Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to his rightful home at MTV.  “‘Making the Band’ was ahead of its time and the ultimate disruptor – fans everywhere have been clamoring for a return and they are in for the biggest, most iconic season yet.”

Diddy and MTV are bringing back Making The Band


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