School system superintendents.  The list ranked the superintendents by total compensation paid for the 2016-17 school year.  The actual superintendents are listed who are serving in that capacity for the 2017-18 school year.

Topping Arkansas Business published a list of the salaries of two-hundred and forty-three Arkansas the list of our area superintendents was the Dollarway School districts, Barbara J. Warren, at $294866 which works out to $300 per student.  Dollarway has 982 students in the district.

Other area schools, the superintendent, salary, number of students and compensation per students are:

School Superintendent Compensation   Enrollment   Per Student
White Hall Doug Dorris $204,715 2,926 $70
Sheridan Jerrod K Williams $197,966 4,053 $49
Watson Chapel Connie G Hathorn $177,024 2,582 $69
Stuttgart Rick Gales $175,163 1,568 $112
Star City Jon Laffoon $155,115 1,537 $101
Pine Bluff C. Michael Robinson $155,000* 3,648 $110*
*Pine Bluff total for position was $402,539 for the position.  Robinson received $155,000
DeWitt Wanda L. Dardenne $149,167 1,236 $121
England Tyler Scott $140,047 690 $216
Warren Bryan Cornish $142,585 1,613 $88
Monticello Sandra Lanehart $138,321 1,930 $71
Drew Central Billy Williams $133,381 1,027 $130
Fordyce Albert Snow $129,969 764 $170
Cleveland County Johnnie L. Johanson $126,326 848 $149
Woodlawn Dudley Hume $116,866 564 $207


The Highest paid superintendent in the state was Douglas Brubaker of the Fort Smith district at $366,008 per year.  Fort Smith has 14,239 students, not the largest in the state, Little Rock has that honor at 22,338 students.  Fort Smith spends $26 per student.  The lowest salary is for the superintendent of the Imboden Charter School District in Lawrence county.  Judy M. Warren is paid $79,804 to run the district that has 64 students, that works out to $1,247 per student.