Saweetie is back with new music. The rapper just released her latest track, “NANi,” produced by Jean-Baptiste, Karl Rubin, Shawn Wasabi, Ryland Blackinton and Ryan Buendia.

Saweetie reveals that the song was inspired by a viral video of Lady Gaga in which she talked about relentlessly touring clubs at the beginning of her career when nobody believed in her.

“‘NANi’ isn’t just a track; it’s the soundtrack to a good time. This track def gives MAIN CHARACTER energy!” Saweetie shares. “This single has been a labor of love, and it’s just the beginning. I’ve been working on this new music for a while, and I’m excited to share more of this journey with you.” 

She also shared the music video for the track, which is centered around Saweetie and her girls getting their fun on at a summer pool party, complete with twerking and a whole lot more. 

“NANi” is the follow-up to “Richtivities,” which appeared on Saweetie’s PRETTY HU$TLER MIX project.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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