Construction workers are putting the finishing touches on the Quapaw Nation’s 15,000 square foot facility “mini casino”. Its set to open next to the Saracen Q-Store which is a refurbished truck stop located across the street from the main Saracen Casino Resort complex.

Gaming vendors are being hauled in and 300 slot machines will soon be on the Annex gaming floor. “We got our gaming license less than three months ago,” said Carlton Saffa, Saracen Casino Resort project manager. “Here we are today in a building that’s been constructed since then, with carpet on the ground and slot machines being installed.”

The building set to open to the public on October 1st, while the main complex isn’t expected to open until June. ¬†Saffa said the Annex will allow the Quapaw to begin making money and will allow them to begin remitting taxes.

140 jobs have already been extended to people who would be employed at the Annex. Nearly a thousand construction workers will be on the job at the main casino complex within the coming weeks.

Following a vote on Tuesday, smoking will be allowed on the gaming floors of both the Annex and main casino. An ordinance was rejected by council that sought to ban smoking at Saracen Casino Resort.