Sam Smith wants to prepare their fans for what they’ll hear next — apparently, it’ll be surprising and “different.”

In a note on their website, Sam writes that in the last few months, they’ve been “buried in a pile of music,” adding, “This music is especially emotional for me and letting it go is going to be harder than ever, but I am excited to do so. I’ve been through such a creative shift over the last few years…exploring different genres and pushing myself in any way possible.”

Sam goes on to say that “it’s not long now” before they release their “musical child” into the world, and thanks their fans for “allowing me to be truly creative.”

“I am an artist who loves ALL music. I love to be genre-less and I love to make whatever it is I want to make that day. I hate musical boxes. I hate boxes. And you have never put me in one,” the Oscar-winning singer explains.

Sam then goes on to say, “This next record is different and there may be things you will be surprised to hear, but I feel so lucky to know that In your hands my work is safe.”

The “Stay With Me” star ends the message by sending “love and prayers” to fans in the Ukraine, and shared a video of themselves in the studio working on new music.

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