Back in February, Sam Smith posted a photo on Instagram of themselves emerging from a trailer. It was captioned “Up to something unholy on set,” a reference to their Grammy-winning number one hit. The photo was cross-posted on the official Instagram page for And Just Like That, the sequel to Sex and the City.  Now, the singer’s appearance on the show has been confirmed.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King tells Entertainment Weekly that Sam will appear in the show’s upcoming second season, playing themselves.

“Two days after they won the Grammy, they’re on our show with a Carrie [Bradshaw-style] necklace that says ‘Sam,"” King reveals. “They said they and their sisters all have them.”

“That is the gold of having done a show that people liked,” King added. “You call Sam Smith to play this nice part that we needed, and they’re like, ‘Yes, cause I love the show.’ That’s really thrilling.”

Season 2 of And Just Like That arrives next month on Max, formerly HBO Max.

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