SALINE COUNTY, Ark. – Saline County’s newest K-9 is being credited with 5 felony arrests in only two hours.

Rineco helped his handler stop a wanted felon.

The arrest led the officers to a home where four more felons were arrested.

One of the suspects tried to run, but was caught by the K-9.

Rineco was gifted to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office eight weeks ago when he graduated from the academy.   In May, K-9 handler Corporal Logan Knight and his new partner Rineco, graduated from the Little Rock K-9 Academy. Rineco is now trained and certified in narcotic detection, building searches, tracking and bite apprehension.

“This is a force multiplier for us. having a K-9 assigned to us can open up doors we didn’t have before ..he’s worth his wait in gold,” says Lt. Jeffrey Silk.

Rineco also made several drug related arrests.

We’re told some K-9’s go their whole career and never achieve what this dog has done in a few short weeks.