With school set to begin the week of Aug. 24, the State of Arkansas will be holding its annual sales tax holiday on Aug. 1 and Aug. 2.

Clothing and footwear costing less than $100 per item will be exempt from the tax but items costing more than $100 will cost the entire amount of state and local taxes.

Accessories costing less than $50 including wallets, watches, jewelry, handbags, briefcases handbags and hair notions will also be exempt from state and local sales taxes.

Also exempt are school supplies including binders, book bags, paper, pencils, pens, notebooks and the like, as well as textbooks, reference books, workbooks and art supplies including such as paint, brushes and drawing pads.

Not exempt from the sales tax are sporting goods such as cleats and spikes worn by baseball, soccer and football players, recreational items such as roller skates as well as football and soccer equipment like shin guards, shoulder pads and helmets.

Also not exempt are computers, software and computer equipment.

The sales tax holiday was created by the Arkansas General Assembly and provides that the holiday will be the first weekend in August of every year. All retail stores are required to participate and may not legally collect any state or local sales tax on exempted items.