(NEW YORK) — The recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine are affecting Americans at the pump.

Prices for oil are now at their highest level in eight years.

“Russia still supplies some of the oil to the United States, and prices for oil are now above $90 a barrel for the first time since 2014,” ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis explains. “And you’re seeing that at the pump — prices up overnight another penny, $3.45 a gallon.”

In the past week, prices for gas have shot up an average of 8 cents a gallon across the country, with some states seeing even bigger increases.

“Nowhere in the country, at this point, is paying less than $3 a gallon for gas, on average, according to Gas Buddy’s Patrick Dehaan,” Jarvis says.

She adds that Dehaan forecasts that in the coming days and weeks, “we will continue to see this price pressure rise” and that prices for gas could climb to $4 a gallon as tensions between both countries escalate.

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