Gladiator Oscar winner Russell Crowe is jumping into another comic book-based project. The actor, who played Superman’s dad Jor-El in Man of Steel, and who reportedly has a cameo in this summer’s Marvel Studios offering Thor: Love and Thunder, has been tapped for Sony’s Kraven the Hunter. 

The Hollywood Reporter notes it’s not known who Crowe would play in the Sony Pictures film, but it’s suspected he could be the father of Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s title character, who is a super-powered big game hunter in the Spider-Man universe.

It should be said it’s still far too early to tell if Spider-Man himself will appear in the movie — or which Spidey, for that matter, following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. So far, Kraven appears to be a stand-alone adventure in the vein of 2018’s Venom.

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