Rush marked the 40th anniversary of Permanent Waves, as well as paid tribute to their late bandmate Neil Peart, with an animated video for that album’s “The Spirit of Radio.”

Recently, a remastered, expanded edition of Permanent Waves in four formats was reissued, including a Super Deluxe Edition with live bonus cuts, a hardcover book with previously unreleased photos, revamped artwork, a 12,000-word essay and other extras. Meanwhile, Peart was also recently honored in his home city, with residents of St. Catharines, Ontario, renaming the Port Dalhousie area (which inspired the Rush song “Lakeside Park”) Neil Peart Pavilion.

Take a look at the video for “The Spirit of Radio” at the link: here

Rush Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of ‘The Spirit Of Radio’ With New Conceptual Video


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