Areas of Jefferson County along the Arkansas River are expected to go back into minor flood stage by Friday with a projected crest of 42.5 feet. This is due to recent heavy rains that fell in western Arkansas. Flood stage at Pine Bluff is 42 feet. It will be well below the 50.83-foot crest in early June but could still set recovery efforts back a few days.

Many Jefferson County residents are still working to recover from historic flooding that struck the area in the beginning of June. Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management Director Karen Blevins said that recovery has been going slow but steady so far.

“There will be some roads that will have water on them, so it will definitely affect that,” Blevins said. “There shouldn’t be any houses that will be flooded, but it will cover some roads.” I would say that Swan Lake and up in the Wright area was pretty bad. Not all of the Wright area was bad, but some of the areas were. Maynard Road was one of the areas that was bad.”

One resident from Wright who asked not to be named said that his house may be able to be salvaged, but many of his neighbors will more than likely lose everything.

There are still a couple of shelters in operation, but one is expected to close later this week.

Blevins also said that the help from several community and church organization volunteers has been tremendous toward recovery efforts, especially for elderly and disabled residents who do not have the means to do as much work.