In the wake of the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly,” the singer is reportedly under criminal investigation.

Just a few days after the premiere of the six-part Lifetime documentary series, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office announced they’re looking into sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly (real name: Robert Kelly). Authorities have reportedly reached out to multiple women involved in the documentary, including Joycelyn Savage. Savage, now 23-years-old, has been reportedly ordered to answer questions regarding her relationship with Kelly, who she’s been living with for the past several years. According to her family, Savage has been brainwashed and is prohibited from leaving Kelly’s residence or having unsupervised contact with anyone besides Kelly. Savage has denied she being held against her will. In the docu-series, an employee of R. Kelly’s suggested Kelly probably scripted Savage’s denial.

A police investigation was launched several days ago. R. Kelly is reportedly facing multiple charges, including false imprisonment. “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered on Thursday, January 3rd, ending with the airing of the last two episodes on Saturday.

R. Kelly Under Investigation for Possible Criminal Charges in Georgia (UPDATE)


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