By Ray King

The Finance Committee of the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday recommended approval of an ordinance transferring $3 million of federal funds under the American Recovery Plan to a special project construction fund for Southeast Arkansas College.

The school wants to construct a new student center and 300 units of residential housing on property near the campus which will be used to house students but in the event of an emergency can be transitioned to house disaster victims, first responders, or others.

County Judge Gerald Robinson told Deltaplex News how the idea came about.

Steven Bloomberg, the president at SEARK, told the county’s legislative body that plans for the new student center have been in the works for about two years but when the guidelines for using the federal money were published, he and Robinson got together and expanded the project.

Also recommended for approval was an appropriation ordinance of $374,387 which Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr., will use to beef up security at the adult detention center.

Woods talked to Deltaplex News about the money.

Federal funds will also be used to pay for improving the water treatment plant at Humphrey at a cost of $57,200.

All of these ordinances will be voted on when the Quorum Court meets.