Following the recent release of the deluxe reissue of his second solo album, 1998’s Another World, Queen guitarist Brian May has debuted a new music video for the record’s title track at his official YouTube channel.

The clip was shot recently at various locations in the Canary Islands, where Brian says he feels “closest to Heaven.”

May originally wrote “Another World” for the Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors, but the song wasn’t used in the movie because of contractual issues. The tune was inspired by the film’s plot, which looks at how someone’s life might change if one small incident happens differently.

Brian explains that “Another World” “is all about how things might be in a parallel universe.” He admits that he “was kind of heartbroken” about the song not being used in the movie, but notes that “it became the pivot around which my album revolved.”

May says among the sites he visited for the “Another World” video were “the IAC observatories of Tenerife, and La Palma, where the biggest telescope in the world sits… [and] the beautiful small island of El Hierro, where lives the tree that adorns the front cover of this album.”

The Canary Islands hold great sentimental value to Brian, because, prior to joining Queen, he studied astronomy at the Observatorio El Teide in Tenerife. He later completed his PhD degree and was awarded a doctorate in astrophysics in 2007.

Reflecting on his Canary Islands visit, May says, “This beautiful place above the clouds is where I did the observing work for my PhD. And this is where I used to steal outside under the stars, with a small acoustic guitar, and strum away and sing, and, I guess, commune with the Cosmos!”

The Another World reissue is available now in multiple formats.

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