By Ray King

After months of work and planning, supporters of a proposed drag strip in Jefferson County are ready to unveil their plans at an upcoming event.

Pine Bluff City Council member Joni Alexander, who is chairman of the council’s Traffic and Aviation Committee, was asked Tuesday about the status of a track.

Alexander said what is now being called the Pine Bluff Entertainment Park will hopefully be located near the Grider Field airport close to Interstate 530 with a track running north and south which she said was “the perfect direction for a drag strip.”

Alexander said there would be other amenities at the proposed park but declined to disclose them until the design for the facility is made public Oct. 1.

Public complaints about street racing on major city streets was one of the things that sparked interest in a track but Alexander said there was a lot more involved.

She went on to say that the facility could also be a big money maker for the city and county.