Priyanka Chopra loves spending time with her husband, Nick Jonas, but there is one place she will never follow him into — a recording studio.

Speaking with Variety, the White Tiger star made it clear she and Nick will never sing a song together. “I love working with Nick so you’ll see things happen as the years unfold,” she hinted. “But I’ll never sing with him.”

When reminded of her own musical abilities, as she is also an award-winning singer, Priyanka maintained, “Not like him! No chance. He’s a musical prodigy.”

While fans’ hopes of a romantic duet have been dashed — at least for now — the actress said that doesn’t mean she isn’t open to having Nick as her co-star one day.

“We’re definitely developing a bunch of TV and film stuff together,” she offered.

Other than singing and acting, the couple has just partnered with the luxury fashion line, Perfect Moment, which specializes in surfing and skiing sportswear.

The Quantico actress credits her husband for getting her hooked on skiing, saying she “never tried” it until they met. The Jonas Brothers singer, she says, is “an avid snowboarder.”

“I came to the quick conclusion that I’m more an après-ski girl, rather than skiing. I gave up on the bunny slope. My husband did buy me a snowmobile so I could keep up with him,” she laughed. That exposed her to clothing made by Perfect Moment. When she and Nick met the owners, they signed on as partners.

As for what she and Nick plan to do with their Perfect Moment partnership, Priyanka floated the idea of the two “doing a capsule collection or something,” saying they have already “discussed” the possibility.

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