Michael Jackson‘s son Prince Jackson opened up about the grief he experienced since losing his father in 2009.

“It’s still a process for me, a grieving process and a journey that I’ve been on,” he told Entertainment Tonight before offering his advice to others who are in his shoes. “You have to do what makes you feel good and whatever helps you deal with the loss of someone that you loved significantly… As long as you celebrate them, they’re never gone.”

Prince knows his father is still being celebrated and lauded the 40th anniversary of his dad’s smash-hit single “Thriller.”

“It makes me feel so proud to have a history and a heritage, and proud of what my dad accomplished over the years,” he expressed. “Here we are at the 40th, and to be celebrating it and to see so much love and so much respect for my father, still to this day, is incredible.”

Prince also shared his thoughts on crowning a new “King of Pop,” a title once held by his dad. Prince argued in favor of retiring the moniker. “The ‘King of Pop’ is a unique achievement, because [Michael] broke boundaries in countries that didn’t have the same infrastructure that they do now,” he explained.

“He was popular on a global basis — at one point the most famous person in the world. And for all these reasons, and his music, the ‘King of Pop’ is a title that I just don’t think could ever be taken,” Prince continued.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. 

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