The Sheridan Headlight Newspaper announced that on Tuesday, January 25th, the Poyen School Board unanimously voted to adopt a four-day school week for the 2022-2023 school year. Last year, the district conducted an online poll to gauge the interest among parents of current students.

The newspaper added that more than 81% of those polled were in favor with another 9.9% answering “maybe”. According to Poyen School District Superintendent Ronnie Kissire, childcare was the biggest concern for those selecting “maybe”.

“We are hoping local churches will do something on Mondays,” said Kissire.

Beginning August 23rd, the school week will be Tuesday through Friday. The Newspaper stated that in order to maintain the same amount of in-class hours school will start earlier at 7:40 a.m. and end later 3:55 p.m. The elementary will block 180 minutes per day so there will be “no distraction from core classes,” Kissire said.

He added, “We’re still working on minute details, going off what other schools have done”. They also mentioned that Kissire believes that the new schedule may bring in more students through student choice, as well as make the district more attractive for teachers and other employees.