Many in the Deltaplex have been hit by storm damage, to include fallen trees and power lines, after strong storms moved through the area Sunday evening.

Over 102,000 Arkansan’s were estimated to be without power according to Entergy Arkansas in a press release Sunday night:

“This has been a very destructive storm. Currently we have 102,000 customers out of power. The red lines in the picture are circuits out of service. This will be a multi-day restoration process. Stay away from downed power lines – there are many broken poles and wires on the ground.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office release a statement regarding the response to the storms:

“Deputies, road department crews, volunteer fire department and other first responders are diligently responding to countless 911 calls of down trees, power lines, and individuals who have either been trapped in their homes or had their vehicle paths blocked as a result of down trees along various roadways throughout Jefferson County. Calls are being prioritized based on the immediate need for an emergency response. First responders are working as quick as they can. Please pray for our first responders and all citizens that have been affected by the storm.”

One fatality has been reported due to the storm, after a tree fell on a house killing 62-year-old Clayton Resor.

Additionally, all four Deltaplex radio stations have been knocked off of the air due to the storms. You can still listen to each station online here at as we work to get the stations back on the air.

Deltaplex News will provide more updates as they become available.