Post Malone is once again asking a court to dismiss the authorship dispute over “Circles.” This time, he’s accusing Canadian musician Tyler Armes, who claims he’s owed songwriting credit, of concealing “critical” evidence.

Law360 obtained the filing, in which the rapper argues Armes deleted text messages that would refute the claim he was present at the August 2018 jam session that created fragments of the hit song.

“These critical documents speak volumes as to plaintiff’s intent on the night during which he claims to have jointly authored musical material with defendants, and also refute plaintiff’s narrative that defendants invited him to work with them to be a co-author,” the filing reads.

Instead, the text messages show Armes was trying to make it onto the guest list to two of Post’s shows — offering to manager Dre London that he’d bring “lots of girls.” The filing notes these concealed messages are “glaringly devoid of any mention of any songwriting with Post, no less a songwriting session.”

Armes claims he’s due partial ownership of the song because he contributed a guitar riff to it.

In addition, Post alleges Armes doctored other text messages to bolster his claims. The singer alleges Armes didn’t submit London’s portion of their conversation and did so to conceal that London was unaware there was any talk of co-songwriting.

The “Sunflower” singer claimed Armes was “fully aware” he submitted incomplete evidence, which he argues “is tantamount to committing a fraud on this court.”

With this filing, Post’s team is hopeful the court will dismiss Armes’ suit and allow for sanctions to be placed upon him.

Armes’ team has responded, saying the accusations have “zero merit” and are “nothing more than a desperate ploy by Post Malone to avoid having this case decided.”

The case is set to proceed in October.

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