Police promote two to Sergeant


By Deseray McKinzy

Interim Police Chief Kelvin Hadley organized the promotion ceremony for two police officers Thursday morning at the district court building. Those officers were Anthony Kirkpatrick and Jasmine Womack who were promoted to the position of Sergeant. 

 Judge Kim Bridgforth swore in the two officers before they had their badges upgraded to sergeant rank. Leaders in the Pine Bluff community including Mayor Shirley Washington, family, friends, and other law enforcement representatives from the police department were in attendance to support those officers. 

Mayor Washington was given an opportunity to speak at the ceremony and she said,

According to online sources, the rank of police sergeant has to have served a minimum of five years as an officer. Their duties ranged from administrative, overseeing training and management of other officers (depending on which level sergeant you are), and other specialized duties. 


Deltaplex News had the chance to ask Sergeant Womack what this promotion means to her and she responded,