Pink is pulling all the stops to promote her new single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” which arrives Friday.

The singer has been hawking her new exclusive and super spicy “Vicious B****es Chips’es,” which fans can win samples of by dialing the number 1-888-262-PINK. To get more people excited for her bag of chips — as well as her new song — she shared a hilarious promo video on Wednesday.

Pink wears a red apron and stands in a grocery store as she tries getting its shoppers to taste her super spicy chips. She also hilariously chews on gum and and tries to act nonchalant as she warns her product is “spicy as f***!”

It should be noted that she is wearing the same outfit that appears in the forthcoming “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” music video, which appears to take place in the same grocery store. YouTube has just added the video to its premiere roster, where you can join the queue to watch it air live at midnight on Friday.

Checking out the link will also give you an exclusive peek of the music video, which features Pink running a food truck and sending people into a grocery store, where she is seen rolling around in skate shoes.

In addition to dialing 1-888-262-PINK and signing up to win a bag of her super spicy chips, you can also hear a new clip of her song or learn her tip of the day. Her words of wisdom for Wednesday are: “If you’re around someone who sucks all the air out of the room — go to another room.”

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