On April 30, 2019 at 12:00pm, The Pines Mall will go to public auction. The auction will be held inside of the Jefferson County Courthouse Corridor. This is coming about a foreclosure decree that was awarded to Carrington Electric on March 2nd. The lawsuit was filed by Carrington Electric Company, Inc. against owners James Vu, John Vu and Thuythien (Judy) Vu. The lawsuit alleges that work performed by Carrington Electric at the Pine’s Mall was never paid for by the owners. This lawsuit was first heard on September 25, 2018, with Carrington Electric President Ed Carrington and his attorneys appearing before Jefferson County Circuit Judge Rob Wyatt. Representatives from the Pines Mall did not appear for the hearing.

Attorney John Talbot represented Carrington Electric in the proceedings and confirmed the foreclosure decree and lien placed against the mall saying, “It wouldn’t necessarily be shut down, but the decree gave her 10 days to pay the amount awarded, then if she does not do that it, appoints a clerk of the court commissioner to hold a foreclosure sale and sell the property”. Talbot went on to say “After the decree was ordered, I mailed a copy to Mrs. Vu and have not heard anything since then, nor have we attempted at this point to schedule the foreclosure sale with the clerk. We could do that because it has been more than 10 days now, so it could happen at any point. Our preference would be for her to pay the amount owed and be done with this. If that doesn’t occur (foreclosure) is our remedy.” The balance owed to Carrington Electric that was due on July 25, 2016 was for $18,759.62. This balance is for parking lot lighting installation and repair work at the mall.

All documents are available to the public, and the public is also invited to inspect the Foreclosure Decree and the entire case file during normal business hours at the office of the Circuit Clerk of Jefferson County.