The Pine Bluff School District has joined several other districts in transitioning to AMI days due to high COVID-19 numbers. The announcement from the district is shared below:

We greatly value the safety of our students and staff. Therefore, in the wake of the increase in COVID infection and quarantine rates, teachers and staff, as well as building and district leaders have created a plan to provide daily direct instruction and learning interaction among our scholars and their peers from home. With the number of active cases we believe it is in the best interest of our students, staff, and stakeholders to implement our Remote Learning Schedule effective Wednesday, January 12 -14, 2022. We plan to resume in-person learning on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 after recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

While operating under our Remote Learning Schedule, parents and students can expect the following:

Scholars will use their school issued devices to work from home, engaging in daily direct instruction, and interacting with their peers while building leaders, teachers, and staff will continue to serve from their assigned buildings.

Families who may have concerns or challenges with Remote Learning, technology issues, meal pick-up sites, etc. should call their building principals for direct and immediate support.

To access classroom, families/scholars will:  Go to the district website  Click on Remote Learning (found in the black banner across the top) Select your school to access the schedule and teacher’s virtual classroom

Should a scholar need additional help or support with assignments, please contact your teacher(s) through teacher email, call through Google Voice, or other communication method(s) already established. If you are unable to connect with an individual teacher(s), please reach out to the school or district office for assistance.

The district will provide breakfast and lunch during Remote Learning Days for our scholars. Parents may pick up breakfast and lunch between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm at the following school locations.

1. Dollarway High School (Includes James Matthews and Robert F. Morehead students)

2. Pine Bluff High School ( Includes Jack Robey Jr High and Southwood Elementary students)

3. 34th Avenue Elementary School

4. Broadmoor Elementary School 5. Forrest Park/Greenville Preschool

Thank you for being a supportive and valued member of our community. We will reassess the overall situation and make decisions that we feel are in the best interest of all stakeholders. Please see the website and social media outlets for additional information and updates.