The Pine Bluff School District buses are providing free WiFi for kids.

The buses will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The locations for the buses with WiFi are:

  • St. John Apartments
  • 38th Apartments
  • Belair Drive
  • 40th OWR.
  • Port RD Michigan
  • 23rd Hickory
  • 8th Wisconsin
  • 34th Fir
  • 24th Poplar
  • 10th Hickory

They will have secure, reliable connectivity and dependable WiFi connection with content filtering Cradle point’s high speed, highly available connectivity allows students to continue to stay productive while on the go.

When the buses return to school they will continue to provide WiFi to students during long commutes on school buses, whether for a school-sponsored activity or as part of a student’s regular daily commute; the ability to bring the classroom to the road is a necessity to achieve academic excellence.