Pine Bluff Regional Chamber of Commerce announces new software aimed to help local businesses

The Pine Bluff Regional Chamber of Commerce announced the addition of a new software called ‘Size Up’ which is aimed at helping local business owners be more successful by comparing their business practices to other similar businesses in order to be more successful.

Chamber Director Ulanda Arnett described what the new software will allow business owners to do.

The software will be available on the Chamber website to Chamber members only. Additionally, Arnett said there will be no charge for Chamber members who wish to access the software.

Arnett said that there will be features in the software that can assist anyone hoping to open a new business as well.

Arnett said that the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce has seen success with the Size Up software, and that is why the local Chamber decided to invest.

You can watch the entire press conference announcing the Size Up software in the video player below.