The Pine Bluff Police Department (PBPD) welcomes you to their all-inclusive music video, as they take on the #LipSyncChallenge.

For the 2018 summer, police departments from across the nation have taken this challenge and run with it. PBPD modeled their challenge after a real, Hollywood-like production, shot by DJ Bruce Bruce.

The video includes some of the latest hits in the music world today. If you’re the type to “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” then this mix of tunes will surely get you out of your seat.

Thousands of social media users, including celebrities, have been posting footage of themselves doing silly dances to the tune of the hit song.

So, PBPD decided they would get in their feelings as well and add this jam to their song list.

Police Chief, Kelvin Sergeant, even joins in on the fun.

The video ends with a message from the chief himself, saying “I’m throwing a shout out and a challenge to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, UAPB, surrounding police departments, all the departments with the City of Pine Bluff. I approve this video. Come at us!”