By Deseray McKinzy

Pine Bluff City Council meeting was held via Zoom on February 16th. On the Agenda the committee addressed resolutions and Rezoning updates for certain territory in Pine Bluff.

The first resolution was sponsored by Council Member Steven Mays which called on the Mayor, director of Code Enforcement, and the city’s Finance Department to work toward increasing staffing levels from one inspector per ward, to two per ward. The counsel voted against the resolution.

A resolution for state auditors  to include the Urban Renewal Agency in the annual audit which Council Member Ivan Whitfield sponsored was passed.  The counsel agreed to add the audit and approved this resolution. 

The council’s Traffic and Aviation Committee has been working on the idea of a drag racing facility since 2019. Former Committee Chairman Ivan Whitfield brought up the idea and Council Member Joni Alexander proposed a resolution to create a committee to enforce these efforts.  The city council decided to approve the resolution and induct John Edward Berry, Mack L. Akins, Warren Levell Booker, Dennis Bradley, Lloyd Cato Jr. and James B. Nelson to the committee of the Drag Racing Facility in hopes of bringing another attraction to the community and boost the economy.

The rezoning ordinance for certain territory such as 6810 and 6816 Sheridan Road and 2401 Oakwood Road were both approved and adopted.