Pine Bluff Bank of America customers endures “temporary” closure of local branch

Pine Bluff customers of Bank of America have expressed concerned after the lone branch within the city was closed earlier this week. reached out the Bank of America to see what this closure means for customers from Pine Bluff, and Bank of America Central Region Media Relations Manager Diane Wagner stated the closure is only a temporary closure.

“We continue to take several steps to support our clients and employees during the health crisis, including some temporary financial center closures,” said Wagner. “Our temporary financial center closures have occurred in areas where foot traffic is low, or when our staffing is not sufficient for all to remain open. When a center closes, we work to reopen it as soon as possible.”

Wagner added that Bank of America is appreciative of their clients.

“We appreciate our clients’ understanding and flexibility during these unprecedented times.,” she said.

She also stated that the branch locator tool on the bank website can assist customers as well.

“Our branch locator tool on our website offers the most up to date information on open and temporarily closed locations as well as hours of operation,” said Wagner.

Wagner also stated that some closures are due to the ongoing health crisis.

“For your background, throughout the health crisis, we have balanced the need to stay open in as many locations as possible while also prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients,” said Wagner.

Wagner also gave additional reasons for temporary closures.

“There will be times that we temporarily close some sites.,” said Wagner. “For example, this may happen when employees find themselves needing to take time off to care for family members or when someone becomes high risk due to a preexisting condition.”

Wagner said that customers can continue to do business online.

“Clients always have the ability to manage many of their financial needs through our ATM network, which will remain available, as well as through our mobile banking and online at,” Wagner said.