EASI (Emergency Ambulance Service Inc.) CEO Josh Bishop spoke with DeltaplexNews.com after two paramedics were shot before one returned fire killing the suspect, 22-year-old Kevin Curl, in the 1400 block of West 23rd Ave. just after 4:30 a.m.

The paramedics have been identified as 41-year-old John Spriggs, Sr. and 35-year-old Joshua Godfrey. Both paramedics were transported to Jefferson Regional hospital for treatment. Bishop said they are still waiting to hear updated details on the condition of their two paramedics.


Bishop stated that when they can request law enforcement to secure a scene if they believe the call dictates the need.


No law enforcement was called to the scene before paramedics arrived. Bishop said they are looking into call details, but it sounds like the call was for an orthopedic issue, and not for a domestic abuse call.

Bishop also said that their employees are not mandated to wear ballistic vests and the company does not provide them at this time.