By Ray King

An ordinance setting out procedures for the City of Pine Bluff to sell the property to individuals won approval from the City Council during a meeting Monday night.

Among other things, the ordinance requires that individuals wanting to buy city-owned property submit a “fair market” bid, something that has, according to Councilmember Bruce Lockett been a problem in the past.

The ordinance also provides that the city has the right to reject an offer on any of its properties for any reason.

The Council also approved an ordinance waiving competitive bidding so that Smart Chrysler Dodge can sell three cars to the Code Enforcement Department for a total of $44,025. Smart is not the state contract dealer but agreed to sell the cars at the same price as the contract dealer.

And, a resolution reappointing Joey Gieringer to the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Port Authority Board for a three-year term was approved without opposition. His current term would have expired at the end of May.