The Arkansas American Legion Baseball Commissions have rescinded the cancellation of the 2020 Arkansas American Legion Baseball season following a teleconference meeting held Saturday.

More information is provided in the letter below from Arkansas American Legion Commander Doyle Batey:

Arkansas American Legion Baseball Commissioners held a teleconference meeting this last Saturday. They unanimously support rescinding my cancellation of the Arkansas American Legion Baseball season. After it was explained to me what the full impact is in canceling the season at this time instead of waiting until June 1, I Have decided that our ARKANSAS AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL PROGRAM WILL BE PLACED BACK INTO A SUSPENDED STATUS. This status change will provide the program with so many more options that I had not previously considered. My only concern at that time was the safety of the young men and others associated with our program.

With all of that being said,  we WILL NOT PERMIT any players, coaches, officials,  or fans to take any field (practice or playing) at any time until we have an all clear for safe play from the federal, state, and local governments as well as the American Legion Department of Arkansas and its Arkansas American Legion Baseball Commissioner.

There are a lot of background activities that are not readily visible to most of us. Please bear with us as we try to do what is right for our Legion, our programs, and our people. As new facts and information come to light, we will try to make appropriate adjustments and decisions.  Safety must be the number one priority.

I apologize for any confusion my precious decision may have caused. Please continue to take care of each other and always try to do the right thing as you understand the right.

Doyle Batey, Commander
Department of Arkansas