A new study claims One Direction has the most positive fan base, while Rihanna‘s followers are the most negative.  

WordTips observed the 186 biggest fan followings on Twitter, including the type of language fans have used, and calculated the number of negative versus positive expressions per 1,000 words. 


While 1D’s followers heaped praise onto the group, Rihanna wasn’t so lucky.  The study claims her fans are becoming antsy in anticipation of her promised new album, for which they’ve been waiting for over six years, and are complaining about it in droves on Twitter, with 186 negative words per 1,000. 

This also means Rihanna’s fans are more negative than those who play Call of Duty, says the study, which ranked them in second place, with 184 negative expressions per 1,000 words.  

The artist with the second-most negative fan base was The Weeknd, followed by Cardi B in third.  


As for One Direction, their fans uttered 322 positive words out of 1,000, but that doesn’t mean there are no negatives: their angrier fans are the fifth-most negative in the survey.

The haters weren’t hating on Taylor Swift, either, who is tied in second place with reggaetón superstar Daddy Yankee.  Both fan bases uttered 315 positive words per 1,000.   Zayn Malik — who famously left 1D — had the fourth-most positive fa nbase on Twitter, with 309 positive interactions out of 1,000. 

Also boasting the happiest fans was Shawn Mendes in fifth place.


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